Achievers Online School Orientation

Student's Report


This Enrollment Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between the undersigned parent or guardian (“Parent”) and Achievers Tutoring, Inc. (“Achievers Tutoring”) for the enrollment of the student(s) of the parent named below in the Achievers Tutoring program. By signing this Agreement, the Parent agrees to the following terms and conditions:
  1. Tuition:
    – Tuition for each student is $150 per month and must be paid in full upon enrollment or in monthly installments.
  2. Admission Policy:
    – Achievers Tutoring is a long-term program, with a minimum commitment of 12 weeks or three months. By signing this Agreement, the Parent agrees to be charged for the next three months and will be billed on a month-to-month basis thereafter. The main goal is program completion.
  3. Method of Payment:
    – All payments must be made via Credit card, Debit card, or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only.
  4. Due Date:
    Tuition fees will be automatically drafted from the Parent’s account on a 30-day cycle from the date of registration.
  5. Refund Policy:
    – Tuition payments, once made, are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  6. Early Termination:
    – If the Parent withdraws their student from the program before the contract expiration date, the Parent is responsible for the remaining balance in full. If the term has ended, a 30-day notice is required, and a final payment of $150 per student is due.
  7. Absence Policy:
    – There are no make-up classes for missed sessions. In cases of known absences, parents must inform the teacher in advance to receive assigned work for the missed days. In the event of unexpected absences, the Parent must promptly notify Achievers Tutoring. Failure to notify may result in the inability to recover missed class materials.
  8. Homework Completion:
     – It is the responsibility of the Parent to ensure the student completes assigned homework regularly.
    – Parents are expected to supervise their child to ensure the quality completion of assignments.
  9. Withdrawal Policy:
     – To withdraw from the program, the Parent must provide advanced written notice of at least thirty days.
    – A final payment will be charged to the Parent’s account upon withdrawal.
    – If readmission is desired at a later date, the Parent must reapply and will be subject to enrollment and tuition rates and policies in effect at that time.
  10. Agreement Acknowledgment:
    – I, as the Parent, solemnly acknowledge that this Agreement signifies my voluntary enrollment in a service provided by Achievers Tutoring. With full understanding, I give my informed consent to abide by all the terms and conditions articulated herein. I expressly affirm my commitment to the financial aspect of this agreement. I willingly agree to the stipulated transaction amount and understand that the charges detailed in this contract are binding. I acknowledge my responsibility for the entire amount, irrespective of any perceived disparity in the quality of Goods or services. No credit will be extended in this regard. My comprehensive awareness of the contents of this agreement and the ensuing transaction is absolute. I willingly grant authorization for the execution of this contract, assuring that it is free from any fraudulent intent. By affixing my signature, I confirm my understanding and consent to each condition articulated herein. I am cognizant that Achievers Tutoring is poised to provide its services, and I acknowledge this commitment. Importantly, I recognize that my financial obligation persists, even in the event that my children do not attend classes for any reason, thus necessitating the full settlement of the outstanding balance. I commit to discharging this financial obligation in its entirety, irrespective of the extent to which I utilize the services that I signed up for.